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It Hurts Until It Doesn't

by Mothers

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released October 13, 2015


tags: rock Athens


all rights reserved


Mothers Athens, Georgia

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Track Name: It Hurts Until It Doesn't
i felt alive for a little while
but when i died i had the time to notice
i was crushed by the weight of my own ego
but never honest enough to say it

i felt your love for a little while
but never had the guts to give myself up
i said that i could be just what you wanted
as if i could ever keep a promise

you have eyes in every room
but you won't see me
you won't see me
you won't see me walk away
once i was more than just a song to play
on your haunted tape
i don't want to be away

could have sworn i heard you laughing in the doorway

i don't like myself
when i'm awake
Track Name: No Crying In Baseball
neither here nor there
i am out of control
these days i feign forgetful
but oh my memory teases

and i wake
ashamed of my fantasy
when i dream of us
as two strains of bacteria
of a porch talk that lasts 1.5 billion years

are you not learning
have you not been listening
are you not learning
you have not been listening

i guess my tongue was softer then
but no one's trying
and i'm sick of it
'there's no crying in baseball,
try to understand'
their chapped lips begging me
over and over again